Pflugerville's Pfurry Pfriends
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Who is Pflugerville's Pfurry Pfriends?

Pflugerville's Pfurry Pfriends is a 501c (non-profit) organization, run entirely by volunteers who are passionate about animals. We do not receive any city, county or state funding; we survive solely on public donations and volunteer support. Our mission is to help improve the health and living conditions of animals in the city of Pflugerville.  

To accomplish this mission, the Pflugerville's Pfurry Pfriends
    * Supports and promotes animal welfare issues focusing on the City of Pflugerville
    * Educates the public on animal welfare issues
    * Promotes the adoption of homeless cats and dogs in shelters
    * Covers the cost of veterinary care for sick animals at the Pflugerville Animal Shelter,
       thus assisting in the adoption process
    * Promotes the spay/neuter of all pets by educating the public on partners like Emancipet 
    * Promotes the spay/neuter and rehoming of feral cats who are trapped within the city 
      of Pflugerville

Ongoing Commitments
Pflugerville's Pfurry Pfriends have a standing agreement with the Pflugerville Animal Shelter to subsidize adoption fees for all cats and dogs who have been at the shelter for more than 4 months. These are usually hard-to-adopt animals who are often elderly, ill, or have some difficulty adjusting to life at a shelter
Pflugerville's Pfurry Pfriends also have an agreement with the Pflugerville Animal Shelter to cover the cost of treatment on all dog residents who tested positive for heartworms.

Pflugerville's Pfurry Pfriends Board

     Dulce Gutierrez

     Heather Shaddock

     Ivonne Fortune